Festa: El Steinvorth Presenta :: WHITEGIRL

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El Steinvorth Presenta :: WHITEGIRL

Discoteca: El Steinvorth

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Data: 17.01.2015 21:00
Morada: Calle 1, Aves 0-1. San José, Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica | Mostrar no mapa »

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Festa: El Steinvorth Presenta :: WHITEGIRL


Two of the meanest Japanese girls you'll ever come across with and known for bringing a mist of odd sound waves from the most saddest place on earth, Suicide Forest Mount Fuji. Come to make your ears bleed, your eyes weep and beg for more of the freshest hip hop / bass / trap has to offer today.

Free Willy before 10pm
c3000 after 10pm



Mix: https://soundcloud.com/whtgrl/thefear

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